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Nian Cadman-Dake (Phoenix - Sunny Side of the Street choreography & intermediate/advanced technique: Progressions - How Do We Get From Here to There? It's not where we start. It's where you finish!)
Nian is our special guest artist for the 2011 NTDD celebration. She is from Phoenix and is a very successful dancer, choreographer, educator and dance promoter. She moved here in 1980 from Ohio, where she had a successful dance studio for 20 years. She was the only dancer seen on NBC's Second Chance search for America's most talented senior and is a 33-year member of Dance Masters of America and a certified International judge/adjudicator. Nian is also the author of a tap syllabus and exam for Dance Masters of America and developed a graded system and exam for tap for the Fred Astaire Performing Arts Assocation. She created a senior dance group in 1989 which performed in ten countries and were featured in magazines and on television about the effects of dance on aging. Nian received a citation from Bob Hope for 14 years of performing for the U.S.O. shows with her students. She teaches ten classes at Westbrook Village and at Tempe Dance Academy. We are very excited to have Nian choreograph Sunny Side of the Street -- a large group number to be performed on Sunday during the demonstration. The dance requires a cane! We will have some on hand in case you don't have your own. She will also teach a technique class on progression demonstrating how we go from here to there -- from beginner to advanced.

Frank Trent (Intermediate & Advanced combinations in Styles - 1 chorus routines in the classic styles of the Buck & Wing, Rhythm, Latin, Boogie Woogie & more) Frank started in Vaudeville at the age of four, appearing with his parents in theatres, dance marathons, variety and road shows. In 1948, at the age of 13, he began his solo career with the Horace Heidt show and opened for his first nightclub show at Chicago's Casino of Tomorrow at 16. Trent was the opening act for the Elvis Presley tour for almost ten years and appeared on TV, as well as in night clubs and in road companies throughout the states and Canada. He opened the Danswest dance studio in Tucson more than 35 years ago and the success of his work has been witnessed across the country as students brought home top awards in dance competitions as well as major performances in Europe. Frank now spends his retirement as a private coach and choreographer for Tap Sensation, a senior tap dance group based here in Tucson. Many of his students, past and present, will be seen performing in our Sounds of the Soles of the Southwest. And former student Megan Maltos, the current owner of Danswest Dance Productions, will be teaching.
     A special note, Frank was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Arizona Dance Coalition. He will be introducing his new youth tap company - Tucson Tap Attack! Frank will also talk about Vaudeville in the History of Tap Dance lecture at Sunday's demonstration.

Greg Varlotta (Phoenix - Music Notation & Improv) is the creator of FootNotes Music Notation For Tap Dance, a revolutionary system of notation that allows tap dance students to read tap routines as music. The effects this will have on both the tap and music communities will be shown in the master class he has prepared specifically for the NTDD festival. Greg earned his Bachelor of Music in performance from ASU in 1985. Immediately upon receiving his degree, he landed the full time job as trumpeter with the house jazz band The Side Street Strutters at Disneyland (CA). He held that position for over 21 years, while also touring the U.S. and Europe with the Strutters. In 1997, Disney hired tap dancers to join the Strutters on the streets of New Orleans Square. Greg became very interested in tap from these "hoofers" and started tapping on his own. Because of his musical education, he archived steps he learned by writing down the rhythms on a music staff. He progressed quickly, and within a year was tapping on the streets of New Orleans Square at Disneyland with the other hoofers. Over the next decade, he refined the notation into the system he calls FootNotes and released FootNotes Book 1 in April of 2009. Upon moving back to Arizona in 2006, he met up with Nils Lofgren, lead guitarist with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, and toured with Nils in the UK in 2006. Nils added Greg's tap dancing to the show, and began studying tap with Greg. The acoustic duo is scheduled to return to the UK in June of 2011. Greg is currently working with his own musical trio "if_then" around the Phoenix area, which combines music, technology and tap dance. Greg is also developing different techniques to electrify tap dancing.

Krystyna Parafinczuk (a.k.a. KP Black) (9 am Warm-ups, Cramp Roll Breaks, Honi Coles' Stroll) is a dance specialist and president of DancInc., a corporation dedicated to producing, educating and promoting dance since 1990. In 2002 she moved to Tucson from Chicago to pursue graduate studies and has presented her work at the Nat'l Dance Educators Organization in 2003, the University of Arizona in 2002-3, and the International Dance Council's 19th World Congress on Dance Research (Cyprus) in 2005. Krystyna teaches dance at Pima Community College NW Campus and at several other locations outside of Tucson. She is a board member and treasurer of the Arizona Dance Coalition, editor of Arizona Dance e-Star and member of the International Tap Association. July 2006 marked Krystyna's 25th anniversary as a member of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM) where she has earned the distinction of Master Dance Educator. While attending CNADM conventions, Krystyna experienced classes with such tap greats as Honi Coles, Tommy Sutton, Al Gilbert, Nian Cadman (this year's special guest), Debbi Dee, Germaine Salsberg and Fred Kelly. She is a 10-year dance studio owner survivor and has more than 35 years experience in performance, education, production and management. She has produced educational school shows in music and dance for young children in metropolitan Tucson since 2003. Krystyna studied tap dancing with Evelyn Lare since she was five years old and admits to owning a pair of silver jingle tap shoes -- just like her first dance teacher. Other tap instructors were Jimmy Payne, Lou Conte, Lane Alexander, and more significantly, Bruce Stegmann and Tracey Vonder Haar. She has performed the works of Tom Ralabate, Jay Fagan, Lyn Cramer, Frank Trent, Nian Cadman-Dake, Payne, Stegmann and Vonder Haar.

Suzy Guarino (Phoenix - intermediate/advanced rhythm technique & Youth TAP Intensive) has been busy in the dance and entertainment business for more than 20 years. Originally from Chicago, she now resides in Phoenix AZ. Her choreography can be seen in commercials for the WB for such TV shows as Friends and The Simpsons. Suzy started her dance studies in Chicago at Gus Giordano and Lou Conte studios and has trained with some of the best master tap teachers in the country, i.e., Jason Samuels Smith, Mark Goodman, Gregg Russell, Dianne Walker, Mark Mendonca and many others. She has taught tap on the convention circuit for Dance Educator's of America, Focus Dance Conventions, Star Systems, Mark Goodman's Totally Tap, Dance RAW and N-House Productions. This fall, Suzy will be touring with The In10sive workshops with Tap Unplugged. She is also an adjudicator for Spotlight Dance Cup, In10sity Dance and Star Systems and has choreographed for benefit shows for the Juvenile Diabetes, Caitlin Robb Foundation and Mercedes Benz. Suzy is owner of Rhythm Essence Productions, a tap production company and director of Tap 24.7, which will be performing Saturday at the Sounds of the Soles of the Southwest performance. Suzy teaches in Phoenix at Bender Performing Arts.

Chrissy Jones (Chicago - intermediate technique with a global perspective, improvisation & Youth TAP Intensive) is from the Chicagoland area and a new UofA student majoring in Physics! Raised on ballet, tap and jazz, Chrissy has made a name for herself directing one of the premiere youth tap dance companies in the country - (Talent Forum's) Footprints Tap Ensemble (I & II). She has led improvisation/history workshops (Tappin' Into Tap) and choreographed for TransRhythm Tap. Chrissy has performed in China, in the highly acclaimed Chicago Human Rhythm Project Rhythm World, JUBA! Masters of Tap and Percussive Dance and JAMboree concerts, in the always sold out Dance Chicago Jazz Rhythms & New Moves concerts, Tap Kids Showcase and the list goes on and on. She has trained with the country's masters and we are excited to have her spend a few hours with us and share her knowledge of tap improv. Tucson has acquired yet another tap star from the Midwest who loves sunshine and heat!

     Megan Maltos began dancing at the age of four in California and at the age of 9, joined Danswest Dance Productions. She was a member of the Performance Group and Danswest Company until the age of 19, where she studied under Frank Trent. She became a teacher at Danswest in 2001. She received her education at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and graduated in June 2005 with a Bachelors in Business Administration from the Eller College of Business and a minor in dance from the School of Fine Arts.
     As a student at Danswest, she received numerous group and individual dance competition performance awards, including Junior National Dance Champion in 1995 at the Showstoppers Dance Competition, and Top Senior Tap Soloist at the West Coast Dance Explosion Dance Competition in 2001. She also had the opportunity to tour Europe and her company was invited to dance at the Roman Jazz Festival as the youngest group to ever perform. While at the University of Arizona, Megan had the privilege to study with Amy Ernst, Michael Williams, Sam Watson, David Berkey, Nina Janik, and Susan Quinn. She was also selected to perform at Gus Giordano's Jazz Dance World Congress in Buffalo, NY. Megan has also worked in music videos and film. More recently, her choreography has been performed at local dance events as well regional and national dance competitions with awards for performance and choreographic creativity.
      As an educator, Megan enjoys sharing her love for dance with her students whether they are 2 years old or 92 years young and hopes to awaken the same appreciation for dance, music, and tradition that her teachers did for her over the years. Of all the dance forms she has studied, she found tap dance to be her one true passion. She has embraced tap dance in all its forms from the classical and Vaudeville style, to the more rhythmic and contemporary. She finds choreographic inspiration in other tap dancers, colleges, music, and most of all, her own dance students.

Jenefer Miller (Phoenix - intermediate choreography & Youth TAP Intensive) is a native of Michigan and has studied dance all across the country. She received her B.A. in the Performing Arts from Oakland University and her choreography Down on Wall Street was aired on ABC for the Showstopper American Dance Championships. She has appeared on stage with Mike Wittmers' high energy tap show Scuff'd Up, Tap 24.7, VIB Dance Theatre, Especially Tap Chicago, the Detroit Tap Festival, and Oakland Dance Theatre. Jenefer has performed in shows alongside Fayard Nicholas, Dianne Walker, Lane Alexander, Savion Glover, Rhythm ISS, and others. Michigan's former Governor Engler awarded Jenefer for her positive artistic impact on youth and dedication to the field of education. You have seen her former dance students Ryan and Evan Kasprzak on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance Seasons 5 and 6. She obtained a M.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix in 2003, teaches theatre at Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School, and has been director of the Kyrene Summer Community Theatre for the past five years.


The Original Wildcat Jass Band, comprised of six of the finest musicians in Arizona, offers traditional New Orleans and Chicago jazz, performed in a spirit and style that is true to its musical roots and wildly popular with audiences around the southwest United States. Their energetic performances are sizzling with musical energy and steeped in good humor. These "doctors of jazz" have found the cure for the common blues - it's red-hot jazz, and it's contagious! This will be the first time the band will be performing with and for tap dancers.


Tanya Fisher founded Gotta Dance! Dance Academy in Tucson in 2002, where she was the Artistic Director for more than six years. Tanya has traveled the world performing in Spain, Japan, Peru, Holland, Mexico, and New York. As a dancer with Quinn-Williams Jazz and the UofA Dance Ensemble, Tanya performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC during the 1996 Jazz Dance World Congress and at the 1997 International Theatre School Festival in Amsterdam, Holland. Tanya studied dance at the Tempe Dance Academy, the University of Arizona, and the Giordano Dance Center in Chicago. She has choreographed several Miss Arizona Pageants (through the Miss America Organization), and judges many pageants and competitions. Ms. Fisher also enjoys expressing her faith and love by choreographing and dancing for worship at Casas Church in Tucson. Having earned her BFA in Education with a dance emphasis at the UofA graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1998, Tanya has returned to the UofA School of Dance as both a guest teacher and panelist on several occasions.
photo by Lori Faith Merritt


Fifteen-year-old Aaron Honda has been dancing since he was nine. Under the tutelage of Lifetime Dance Masters of America member/teacher Maxine Huff, and tap teacher extraordinaire Laurie Difilippo, and with the inspiration of his tap idol Gregory Hines, Aaron jumped into the tap competition scene by competing at the ADA nationals in Boston at the end of his first year of instruction, coming in second for Junior Mr. Dance. Since that time he has participated in classes with Megan Maltos at Danswest and Frank Trent in Tucson and Suzy Guarino of Bender Performing Arts in Phoenix. He has competed successfully, winning top honors in Sacramento, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Honolulu, HI; Phoenix, AZ and Mason, Ohio. He has enjoyed dancing with top names in the industry while participating in the Tradition in Tap workshop in New York, Totally Tap workshops in San Diego, CA and Raleigh, N.C and In10city Tap Unplugged in Denver, CO. He is a member of Tap Attack under the direction of Frank Trent in Tucson and Tap 24.7 under the direction of Suzy Guarino in Phoenix. While tap is his first love, Aaron is also a composer/lyricist, pianist, graphic artist/animator and straight A student. Aaron played the role of Marley in his high school production of the musical A Christmas Carol and is currently playing the role of the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. He recently recorded three original songs and welcomes you to follow him on you tube. He envisions a future somewhere in the performing arts world.


Hunter McCabe is a 17 year old junior at Sahuaro High School. He has been dancing for ten years and is a member of Tucson Tap Attack under the direction of Frank Trent. Hunter has choreographed several dances for the Sahuaro High School dance team. In addition to tap, Hunter enjoys hip-hop, modern, and ballet in which he has had the opportunity to perform in many places expressing his craft.


Audrey Roberts began dancing when she was seven years old, studying under Frank Trent, Tucson's tap master' for the past 12 years. She is currently a freshman at the University of Arizona, studying Physiology and Neuroscience. Audrey is a member of Frank Trent's Tucson Tap Attack tap company, where she also works as Mr. Trent's assistant. She hopes to continue spreading the joy of tap dancing by inspiring others to keep the spirit of tap alive.


Victoria Snapp, a 14 year old excelling student at Esperero Canyon Middle School, has been dancing for 11 years. She was selected as a top soloist at Showstoppers Dance Competition and participated in the 2010 Showstoppers Opening Number at Disneyland. She currently is a member of the Dance Force-1 dance team and in addition to tap enjoys ballet, jazz, contemporary and lyrical styles. Victoria would like to thank and give credit to Tiffany Nagel, Frank Trent, Simone Manuel and Whitney Picchioni for sharing their tap expertise with her.

Angela Swanson Angela Swanson is 16 years old and a sophomore at Sabino High School. She has been dancing for 13 years and is a member of the State Champion Sabino Pom-Line and the advanced dance group. She trains with Frank Trent and participates in dance competitions. Tap is her favorite style of dance, but she also enjoys performing jazz and lyrical dances.




Austin Twaits, Austin Twaits is a graduate of Empire High School and has been dancing for 11 years. He trained under Frank Trent and Megan Maltos and won numerous awards including the titles of Mr. Starpower, Mr. Ultimate Dance and the Fred Astaire Award. Austin competed and performed all over the country and is recognized for his style and showmanship. Offers to audition around the world are plenty including a tap production in China. Besides tap, Austin excels in Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop dance and is excited to be accepted into the University of Arizona School of Dance! Austin has performed with many different dance companies including the Moscow Russian Ballet Company where he performed in their Nutcracker in Tucson for three years. He looks forward to continuing in dance as an instructor and professional performer.




Tap 24.7 True tap dancers never stop hearing rhythms. Sounds of the universe soak through our souls so we can project tap rhythms back outward for others to embrace. Our mission is to inspire audiences in a positive, energy-filling way. Tap 24.7 is comprised of some of the finest tap dancers and most talented choreographers. Its founder, Suzy Guarino, draws from 20 years of experience in the entertainment and dance industry. She currently is a master tap teacher on tour with several traveling convention circuits. Also, she has distinguished herself as a national dance adjudicator. Other principle dancers include Jenefer Miller, Kelly Zwolinski and Mike Wittmers. The style and flow of the choreography along with the intricate and crisp footwork defines this performing company. Tap 24.7 has performed for many concerts and events including benefit shows, tap festivals and choreographer showcases.


Tucson Tap Attack, recently formed in late 2010 by Tucson's tap master Frank Trent, consists of accomplished and skilled tap dancers that focus on entertaining and delighting an audience while demonstrating their advanced skills in tap. These dancers -- Audrey Roberts, (assistant choreographer, well renowned in Arizona for her tap dancing and competition achievements), Angela Swanson, Michaela LaCorte, Savannah Stevens, Kayla Galbraith, Mallory Karn, Hunter McCabe, Aaron Honda and Brendan Kellam -- were chosen by Trent because they can exemplify the diverse forms of tap dancing in performance. In addition, they also possess outstanding technique in jazz, contemporary and performance skills. They were selected for their abilities and not their ages which range from 11 to 19. Solo and group pieces cover various genres of tap such as rhythm, Latin, boogie-woogie, musical/film, and military to name a few.
Tucson Tap Attack is available for hire and inquiries should be directed to Frank Trent. Auditions will be held in June.


Coyote Country Cloggers The Coyote Country Cloggers, a dance group composed of high-energy men and women from SaddleBrooke, a resort community north of Tucson, have been dancing and performing together for more than fifteen years. The enthusiastic cloggers, mostly in their 60s, are led by director Carol Jones, and they dance to country western and bluegrass music. A popular feature of their shows is a "teach," during which the director calls out steps and the cloggers demonstrate how each is performed. The "teach" concludes with a brief performance of all the clogging steps performed without music. They have performed on TV, Caesars' Palace in Las Vegas, the Carnival "Spirit" cruise ship, Old Tucson Studios, Tucson Rodeo Parade, Pima County Fair, Oktoberfest at Hi Corbett Field (Tucson), Pima & Pinal County Bluegrass Festivals and Reid Park Zoo's Senior Safari.


Tap Sensation is Tucson's premiere women's tap dancing troupe. Thirty women ranging in age from 45 to 81 dedicate their time and energy to the creative, physical and mental benefits of tap dancing. Based in Tucson, Arizona, TAP SENSATION dances across the country for public and private events and has appeared on national television numerous times. Under the direction of Frankie Trent, their entertaining and beautifully choreographed repertoire inspires and motivates others to explore and pursue a higher level of fitness and self-fulfillment through dance. With confidence, grace, beauty and precision, they're not over the hill yet -- they're just starting their clilmb to the top! In-studio Tap 'N' Tea Parties are Tap Sensation's newest form of entertainment available by reservation for group outings and celebratiaons. Beginning and intermediate adult tap classes are also offered to the public. Their studio is located at 450 S. Tucson Blvd, Tucson, behind the Sabbar Shrine Temple. Ph: 520-795-2494 Website:

The Tucson Prunes perform a lively show filled with music, dance and comedy that can be seen at reunions, civic and corporate functions and charitable events throughout Southern Arizona. Whether you are joining them for a musical trip across the USA, a celebration of the "Roaring 'Twenties," a western revue, or a tribute to our Armed Forces, you will enjoy this troupe of mature men and women as they sing and dance their way into your hearts. The Prunes have entertained more than 7000 people -- young and old alike -- and they look forward to entertaining you!





Kayla Galbraith is 12 years old and a 6th grade student at Magee Middle School. Kayla has been dancing for ten years. She has been a part of the Danswest Dance Company, studying under Megan Maltos since the age of 4 and is also a member of Tucson Tap Attack under the direction of Frank Trent. Kayla currently holds the regional title of Miss Junior Ultimate Dance (Cathy Roe Productions).



Harley Dakota-Lee Holthusen currently holds the regional titles of Dancer of the Year (American Dance Awards) and 1st Place Outstanding Dancer & High Score Mini Soloist (NYC Dance Alliance in Las Vegas). She is ten years old and a pre-company dancer at the Tucson Dance Academy studying with Hilary Tone. Harley started dancing at 3 yrs old. Some of her first teachers were Frank Trent and Megan Maltos of Danswest and Tanya Fisher of Gotta Dance! She currently studies with Nian Cadman-Dake, this year's NTDD guest artist and will be performing a Platinum Award winning dance (Dance Masters of America) by Nian called Malaguena. Harley has also had award-winning pieces choreographed for her by yet another mentor, Danny Wallace, formerly with the Vegas Company Tap Dogs and co-director of Tap the Map. Harley cannot wait to share her passion of tap dancing with the Tucson community on NTDD and feels blessed to be part of such an amazing event!

Brendan Kellam is 12 years old and has been dancing since he was three. He has been a member of the Danswest Dance Company for the last nine years. Brendan began his career under the guidance of the legendary Frank Trent where he found his love for tap. He is now being trained by Megan Maltos, whose love of the art has allowed Brendan to become the dancer he is. He was excited to meet Savion Glover and perform in the preshow at Centennial Hall. This year, Brendan was chosen to join Tucson Tap Attack, Trent's hand-picked elite tap company. He currently holds the regional Starpower and In10city title awards. Brendan is honored to be performing at his third NTDD Celebration in Tucson.

Mallory Karn is 11 years old and attends Tanque Verde Elementary School. She started dancing with Danswest Dance Company when she was just 2 1/2 years old and now trains about 22 hours per week with Megan Maltos and Frank Trent. Mallory is very proud to be one of the youngest students of Mr. Frank! She is passionate about dance and competes nationally. Her new solo project is Strike Up the Band and she is excited to be returning to this year's anniversary of National Tap Dance Day.




Seven Pipers Scottish Society, is dedicated to the preservation, performance, and the enjoyment of Scottish music and dance. Participation is based on a love for the music and dance regardless of whether or not your ancestors came from Scotland. The Scottish Version of the Irish Jig is one of two character dances performed at Highland Dance competitions, in addition to the Highland and National dances. The Scottish version of the Irish Jig is a humorous salute to their Celtic brethren across the sea. Depending on whether a woman or a man dances it, there are several different stories to the dance. One story depicts a woman who is angry because a leprechaun has knocked her clean laundry off the clothesline. A male dancer depicts a leprechaun wearing green and red tails, breeches, hat, and twirls a shillelagh. It is an energetic dance featuring lots of fist shaking and skirt flouncing among female competitors. The Irish Jig dancer wears hard shoes with a moving metal tap, the jingle, in the heel. The dance is not an actual Jig but uses elements of Scottish Highland, and Irish hard-sole. The closest relative of the Scottish version of the Irish Jig is the Irish single jig.


Barbara (Schuessler) "La Flamencista" began her flamenco dance training in Tucson with Tere Aguirre and continued with Patricia Mahan and Olivia Rojo. In 1988, she traveled to Washington State to study with Teo Morca. That is when she knew she had to follow her passion and began her pursuit of studying the flamenco art form. She has attended the Festival Flamenco in Albuquerque for more than 15 years where she studied with many great masters of flamenco, namely Antonio Canales and Yolanda Heredia and workshops by "La Tanya" and Maria Benitez in Santa Fe. Barbara traveled to Sevilla, Spain and experienced the incredible instruction of dancers that include but, not limited to, Belen Maya, Maria Angeles, and, most importantly, Georgia, "La Candela." She has performed with Aires Flamenco, Flamenco Y Mas and her own troupes. She continues to perform at festivals and private functions with "Las Flamencistas" and as a solo artist. Barbara teaches a several dance studios in Tucson.



Creative Dance Arts & Arizona Dance Theatre All of us at Creative Dance Arts love to dance. We began in 1989 and can't stop! CDA offers 50+ classes per week. Known for our classical ballet program and our popular hip hop division, we offer choices for all ages and levels, including classes for boys. Dance styles include Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Flamenco and Combos for ages 3-6. The recent addition of Tumbling will take our performances to the next level. Our teachers are gifted individuals who feel called to inspire and share their love of movement with students of all ages. They have grown up dancing in private and public schools with advanced degrees and national certification.

Dance Force-1 opened its doors in 2003. Owner April Garner-Hoose, a graduate from the UofA dance program, and her expert staff of skilled award-winning teachers and top choreographers offer years of experience in dance education, performance and the arts. With four beautiful state-of-the art dance rooms, we are pleased to offer a variety of beginning ~ advanced level classes in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Tumbling. Dance Force-1 also has combination classes for Pre-Schoolers and Mommy and Me classes for Toddlers. The school strives to provide a program in which every dancer is given the opportunity to develop strong technical skills and define their style in a professional, friendly and fun atmosphere. They are located in the foothills at 5445 North Kolb Road #123, Tucson. Ph: 520-577-7100

Dancin Savvy is dedicated to providing a positive and friendly atmosphere that focuses on the life skills of responsibility, teamwork, respect for others and most importantly, exceptional training by exceptional teachers and staff. We are excited about our brand new studio located by Rita Ranch and are looking forward to providing the community with a place to develop and appreciate their dancing potential for many years to come. We have state of the art sound systems and flooring that is designed to prevent injuries. Our curriculum includes Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Tiny Dancers, Pom Line, Musical Theater and Gleein' performing Arts Group. Dancin Savvy is excited to be performing at NTDD! Check us out at for more information.


Danswest Dance Productions, Inc., (Tucson), Danswest has been in Tucson for 30 years and is currently owned by mother-daughter team Jill and Megan Maltos. It is located on Tucson's east side in the Speedway Square Shopping Center - 5633 E Speedway. There are three large studio rooms with sprung floors and a dancewear store. Classes are for ages 2 1/2 through adult in various dance forms -- tap, ballet, Hip-Hop, jazz/lyrical, contemporary, modern, Flamenco, Irish, and specialized pre-school classes. Our instructors strive to make dance an exciting, rewarding, creative and enjoyable experience for each student. We are excited to be a part of this 20th anniversary celebration of National Tap Dance Day sharing our top tap talent with the community.

Tucson Dance Academy is a professional dance academy offering comprehensive lessons to all students, regardless of ability or reason for study, in Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe, Broadway and Acro. Its central philosophy is to encourage the best effort of each student and to help them achieve their full dance potential, whether or not he or she plans to perform professionally. TDA is under the artistic direction of Tammy Booth, an accomplished gymnast, dancer and choreographer, and her husband Tom Booth, a musician, composer and producer. Its accomplished teaching staff, many of whom are certified by Dance Masters of America, have years of experience in dance and teaching dance, and they enjoy sharing the art of dance with their students! TDA is beyond thrilled to be part of this year's National Tap Dance Day, and hopes you enjoy the unique talents of their students and teachers.